OneFlow® the best alternative for a traditional water softener

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Why choose OneFlow®?

OneFlow® is a full-fledged limescale-removing and preventing alternative to a water softener. The innovative technology makes the OneFlow® system not only effective against limescale, but also innovative technology more respectful of the environment, sustainable, affordable and energy efficient.

  • No salt or additional chemicals required
  • No electricity
  • No waste water
  • Innovative technology with an enhanced respect of the environment
  • Compact and simple installation
  • Safe for pipes and appliances
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Energy-saving
  • Conserved water quality
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OneFlow® helps...

Hard limescale can clog pipes and taps, affect the quality of the water and reduce the life of electrical appliances. Therefor OneFlow® is the ideal solution to prevent these problems. It’s one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies to prevent hard limescale.


... in the washing machine

As OneFlow® doesn’t need the use of salt or other chemicals, detergent continues to be effective and will foam properly. None of the detergent’s active ingredients are lost and that makes a big difference! The washing machine will also last longer, when it no longer suffers from hard limescale.

... in the central heating boiler

The OneFlow® system brings an end to limescale deposits in pipes. Our technology prevents limescale from depositing in pipes, which enables the central heating boiler to do its work more easily and with improved performance. This results in both a longer life for your household appliances, as well as a saving on your energy bill.


... in the dishwasher

The number of stains on the dishes and in the dishwasher are reduced. However, as OneFlow® does not remove the scale residues, we recommend that you follow the guidelines of your dishwasher manufacturer and add salt to the salt tank provided for this purpose. Please also observe the settings regarding water hardness. It’s best to choose dishwashing products with a low phosphate content, because they are better for the environment. Furthermore, phosphates can cause stains. In areas with hard water it is recommended to always use a rinse aid.

... in the bath or jacuzzi

Scrubbing and polishing in the bathroom for hours on end is a thing of the past. Soap and shampoo residues are also much easier and faster to rinse than with untreated water.


... in the coffee machine

OneFlow® treats water without affecting the taste of the water. That means that you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee, just like you were used to before installing your OneFlow® system.

<h3>Sustainable and effective solution against hard limescale</h3>Anja and Johan run “Akemi” Bed &amp; Breakfast together in Zemst (Belgium). What started as a renovation of the kitchen, ended in a B&amp;B with six bedrooms. The stubborn limescale that kept appearing in all bathrooms led to their search for an appropriate solution. They ended up with OneFlow®. According to Johan it’s a “sustainable and effective solution for limescale”.

<h3>People are fed up with all that scrubbing and are searching for a solution.</h3>“People are fed up with all that scrubbing and ask me for a solution. Traditional water softeners are generally large, expensive and involve a lot of work in rinsing and refilling. Searching for an alternative, I came across the OneFlow® “anti-limescale system”. The OneFlow® system cartridge attracts the calcium and magnesium particles in hard water and converts these into microscopic crystals. The water retains its calcium, but the minerals no longer adhere as stubborn limescale to the showerwall, pipes and appliances; they rinse away effortlessly with the water”.

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