All the advantages of the OneFlow® system at a glance

We’re delighted to see you’re interested in the OneFlow® system. But what actually are the advantages of purchasing OneFlow®? Is a shower without hard limescale the only advantage, or are there more reasons that make purchasing OneFlow® a good idea? Read more now and discover all the advantages.

Efficient limescale prevention

OneFlow ® is a full-fledged and proven limescale prevention system, of which the efficacy has been tested in laboratories of independent parties. This system does not require the addition of salt or chemicals. For that reason, no wastewater is generated and the appliance requires only a minimum of maintenance. You will only need to replace the cartridge after one, two or three years, depending on the OneFlow® model. In addition, OneFlow ® does not require electricity or a control valve, which makes it energy-saving. The system is also very compact and easy to install. Finally, all vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water are preserved.

No salt or additional chemicals required

No additives are added to the water.

Safe for pipes and appliances

OneFlow®also removes existing limescale, leaving pipes and appliances free of hard limescale.

No electricity

OneFlow®works autonomously. So there is no need for an electrical socket.

Minimal maintenance

No maintenance contract. Depending on the OneFlow® model, the cartridge or media needs to be replaced every two or three years.

No waste water

No flushing and therefore no unnecessary water wastage.


No unnecessary water consumption. And less hard limescale ensure a better efficiency of your heating system.

Innovative technology with an enhanced respect of the environment

No water wastage, no electricity usage and no salt required.

Conserved water quality

All vital minerals remain in the water.

Compact and simple installation

The OneFlow® system is a compact device, which – depending on the type – can be placed hanging or standing.

Select your OneFlow®

We’re delighted that you’re interested in OneFlow®. That’s great news! There’s a suitable OneFlow® for every situation. We’d be delighted to help you find a product that best matches your situation.

Discover which OneFlow® is right for you!