OneFlow® Experiences

Of course, it’s important for you to know what others think about using OneFlow®. That’s why we’ve asked several users for their opinions. What did they expect? What do they like about using OneFlow®? What didn’t they like, and would they recommend OneFlow®?

Sustainable and effective solution for hard limescale

Anja and Johan run “Akemi” Bed & Breakfast together in Zemst (Belgium). What started as a renovation of the kitchen, ended in a B&B with six bedrooms. The stubborn hard limescale that kept appearing in all bathrooms led to their search for an appropriate solution. They ended up with the OneFlow® system. According to Johan it’s a “sustainable and effective solution for hard limescale”

People are fed up with all that scrubbing and are searching for a solution.

“People are fed up with all that scrubbing and ask me for a solution. Traditional water softeners are generally large, expensive and involve a lot of work in refilling and rinsing. Searching for an alternative, I came across the OneFlow® “anti-limescale system”. The OneFlow® system cartridge attracts the calcium and magnesium particles in hard water and converts these into microscopic crystals. The water retains its calcium, but the minerals no longer adhere as stubborn limescale to the shower wall, pipes and appliances; they rinse away effortlessly with the water”.

antikalksysteem OneFlow

OneFlow® Effective alternative for a traditional water softener

Traditional water softeners are immensely popular. More than 400,000 Belgian households have already installed a water softener system. Demand is also increasing in other countries. This prompted “Test Aankoop” (Belgium consumer association) to put it to the test and to find out whether these “salt-free” anti-scale alternatives are actually as effective and environmentally friendly as they claim. The OneFlow ® system came out as very effective in this test.

Find out which OneFlow® suits your needs.

The OneFlow® system that suits your situation, depends mainly on your consumption and type of home. Luckily there are various options.

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