Sustainable and effective solution for limescale.

“We were searching for a compact device for our six-bedroom B&B that could cope with huge peak flows. After some investigation, we discovered that OneFlow® would be able to cope with all flows if we installed devices in parallel. With traditional water softeners, you often need to add salt to keep the appliance working perfectly. That’s different with OneFlow® as we’ll not have to do anything for the coming three years; really easy and environmentally-friendly.”, Anja explained.

No mains water

“As we don’t have access to mains water in Flanders, we had to meet our demand for drinking water via groundwater extraction. We drilled a well of some 40 metres deep for this. This source water is pumped and filtered via a high-quality filtration system. Unfortunately, this system didn’t remove limescale from the water, so we needed to find an additional solution”, explained Johan. “We noticed that there were often stubborn limescale deposits on tiles in the shower and on the taps, despite us not having extremely hard water. At that time a reliable alternative against limescale such as OneFlow® didn’t exist yet. So, in the private part of our home we selected a traditional water treatment system”, added Anja.

Compact and high flow

“We’ve now chosen OneFlow® for our B&B. The device had to be compact because there was no space for a traditional water softener. And because our B&B has six bedrooms, the system also needed to be able to cope with huge flows. That’s how we ended up with OneFlow®. This system doesn’t remove limescale from the water, but treats it, which eliminates stubborn limescale. And it also means that important minerals are retained in the water. The device we installed has a peak flow of 75l/min or 4.5 m³l/hour. This is more than sufficient for all rooms, even if we’re fully booked”. 

OneFlow® vs. traditional water softener

“In the private part of our home we still have a traditional water softener, so we can make a good comparison of how both appliances operate. We have a steam oven, two coffee machines, an iron, etc. With our iron, there’s not much difference between using it with normal mains water or softened water from the traditional water softener. There’s also still a light limescale on the black tiles in the shower and on the taps”.

We highly recommend OneFlow®

“In the B&B part of the house, where we already use OneFlow®, cleaning is so easy. We do see the occasional white area on taps but it’s really easy to remove. The appliance we use in the mornings to boil eggs for our guests also seems to have a white deposit. But if we wipe over it with a damp cloth, it disappears immediately, with no need for household vinegar or any other kind of cleaning product”, stated Anja.

“We’d certainly recommend OneFlow® to all our customers”, stated Johan. “It’s important that they’re fully informed of the advantages and disadvantages of the product and the differences between it and a traditional softener.”, Anja added.

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