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OneFlow® as alternative to a standard water softener.

More and more consumers are seeking an alternative to the traditional water softener: without salt and chemicals, affordable, effective and with less maintenance. OneFlow® is slowly but surely gaining a presence within Dutch and Belgian households. Installer Peter Stokje from Stopet Installatiebedrijf sees many advantages: “OneFlow® fits in almost every meter cabinet, neutralises existing limescale and doesn’t need any salt, electricity or rinsing.” This makes OneFlow® a great alternative to a standard water softener.

People are increasingly seeking for anti-limescale solutions

Hard water in the Netherlands and Belgium is a considerable assault on sanitary systems and tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Stokje encounters this in his work every day. “People are fed up with all that scrubbing and ask me for a solution. Traditional water softeners are generally large, expensive and involve a lot of work in topping up and rinsing.” Searching for an alternative, he came across the OneFlow® “anti-limescale system”. The technology in OneFlow® neutralises limescale without needing salt, chemicals and electricity. The OneFlow® system cartridge attracts the calcium and magnesium particles in hard water and converts these into microscopic crystals. The water retains its calcium, which no longer adheres to surfaces. “In simple terms, minerals no longer adhere as stubborn limescale to the shower wall, pipes and appliances; they rinse away effortlessly with the water”, stated Peter.

Minimal maintenance with OneFlow®

OneFlow® should be installed at the mains supply, just after the water meter. “There it can treat the entire system and you don’t lose any efficiency.” To keep efficiency as high as possible at all times, it is recommended that a cartridge in a standard OneFlow® is replaced every two years, and that of a OneFlow®+ every 3 years. If consumers register the OneFlow® online, they’ll receive an automatic reminder. Then they’ll know exactly when it’s time to replace the cartridge. This is also something that most consumers can easily do themselves.

OneFlow® is suitable for almost every home!

Stokje is currently installing some 15 to 20 OneFlow® systems per month. “It’s the system’s affordability and user-friendliness that really convinces customers. Once it’s installed, they don’t need to worry about anything, never need to add salt and aren’t kept awake at night by the noise of rinsing. That’s because OneFlow® doesn’t have either of these.” The compact dimensions of 18 centimetres in diameter and 60 centimetres in height mean that the standard OneFlow® fits in the meter cabinet of a family home in 99% of cases. This makes the product ideal for both small and large households.

Select your OneFlow®

We’re delighted that you’re interested in OneFlow®. That’s great news! There’s a suitable OneFlow® for every situation. We’d be delighted to help you find a product that best matches your situation.

Discover which OneFlow® is right for you!